Katty Ko swimwear

- for the best moments in life

Katty Ko

- stand out, be yourself, be charismatic

Katty Ko swimwear

- more than just high-end fashion and quality swimwear, Katty Ko provides a new artistic experience around elegant beachwear lifestyle

Conception: from the first design drawings embodied to the final products.

About the designer

Kateryna Kononova is the founder and designer of Katty Ko

She holds a graduate degree in fashion and arts from the Kiev University of Design and Technology and a post-graduate degree from the Salvador Dali Art Institute of Modeling and Design. While studying, she started a venture of measure-made woman’s evening dresses, which she successfully developed and sold thereafter. The Katty Ko concept emerged from Katerina’s own personal experience as a regular swimwear customer. Along her travels, even in the most trendy beach and sun destinations around the globe, Katerina was unable to come across swimwear combining elaborate cuts and designs, elegance and quality fabric swimwear. Katty Ko swimwear is designed for procuring the head-turning “wow” effect at beach or pool parties or other special occasions, or simply transforms an everyday in the sun into a beautiful and festive fashion experience.

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