Katty Ko

- its a young and fast developing brand of a modern and designer swimwear line.
Our goal is to partner up with like-minded people, who appreciate art and beauty, energetic, creative, young and ambitious individuals.
We currently work with swimwear retail shops and designer concept stores

Katty Ko is designed for young and dynamic woman. Therefore, Katty Ko is best suited to figure in retail outlets where visitors age from 15 to 45.
We have initiated flexible terms of business for your first order from and partnership with Katty Ko

Due to the fact that Katty Ko swimwear is a young brand, we want to earn your and your customers’ trust and recognition. Therefore, for your first order, we do not impose a mandatory purchase of minimum number of pieces, a size grid or an entire collection. Select any number of models and sizes and benefit from wholesale prices for our first collaboration together.
To find out more about our terms of business and prices, please fill out the following form. We will contact you shortly.
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